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Livros e Capítulos


Fraga, N., Lopo, T. T., Galego, C., & Teodoro, A. (2023, no prelo). Trajectories and challenges of the section of comparative education of the Portuguese society of education sciences. In K. Bedi, M. Dembélé, J. Jacob, & M. Manzon (Eds.), WCCES Brill Sense Book Series – Global Comparative Education.


Carita, A., Lopo, T. T., & Teodoro, V. D. (2022). PISA in the media discourse: Prominence, tone, voices and meanings. In A. Teodoro (Ed.), Critical perspectives on PISA as a means of global governance: Risks, limitations, and humanistic alternatives (pp. 142-168). Routledge.

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