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Indicators report available on the RePeME Community of the Zenodo Repository

The Mapping of Statistical and Information Sources: Indicators Report compiles already existing indicators, but spread across different statistical and information sources.

The collection covers the period from 13 March 2020 to 5 May 2023, matching the chronological scope of the RePeME project which foresees the systematic collection of information for two time frames: 1) emergency/during the pandemic; 2) change/after the pandemic. The information is presented in a table, in four points: indicator, date (corresponding to the year), source of information with reference/link to the origin of the data and brief description of the result. Whenever necessary, supplementary information has been introduced in footnotes.

This report, which is a product of Task 1 of the project, area 2/State of the Art, was completed on June 23, 2023.

The Report is available on the RePeME Community of the multidisciplinary open access digital repository Zenodo.

Conference Cycle NOVAMEdS 2022/2023 | RePeME project presented at NOVA University of Lisbon

The researcher Teresa Teixeira Lopo was the keynote speaker, on January 13, of the Cycle of Conferences 2022/2023 of NOVAMEdS – Master in Education Studies of the NOVA University of Lisbon.

This Cycle of Conferences has the particularity of being open to the participation of teachers and other professionals of the ESCXEL Network – Network of Schools of Excellence, a partnership between eight Local Authorities, the corresponding 32 organic units of public education and the CICS.NOVA – Interdisciplinary Centre of Social Sciences of the College of Social and Human Sciences of the NOVA University of Lisbon

In this Conference, the researcher presented the project RePeME – And after the pandemic? Recovery, continuities and changes in basic education (ISCED 1) in Portugal,  and based on the empirical work, still in its initial phase of development, she discussed with the participants specific aspects related to the project, such as the relevance of the plan for the recovery of learning, the digital transition, implemented measures and advantages for the collaborative work of teachers and specific post-pandemic actions implemented in schools and addressed to the school community to promote well-being and mental health.


Image credits: Claudio Schwarz from Unsplash

RePeME – And after the pandemic? Recovery, continuities and changes in basic education (ISCED 1) in Portugal



The project  And after the pandemic? Recovery, continuities and changes in basic education (ISCED 1) in Portugal (RePeME) aims to contribute to the build-up of rigorous knowledge about the post-pandemic changes introduced in Portuguese schools of first cycle (the first four years of schooling – grades one to four) and the second cycle (the next two years – grades five and six) of basic education (ISCED 1).


  1. Understand ways of apprehension – and strategies for mitigation – of school inequalities in a post-pandemic context;
  2. Identify opportunities for teachers’ professional development, as well as, the appropriate working conditions to ensure their well-being and mental health;
  3. Identify and analyze measures and actions implemented for the recovery and/or consolidation of learning, the monitoring of students and dropout prevention, and the evaluation of their learning outcomes.


ILIND/F+/EI/03/2022 – 28 837.66 EUR


01/09/2022 to 29/02/2024


Ana António

Conceição Costa

Daniel Bart (Consultant)

Filippo Pirone (Consultant)

Inês Vieira

José Viegas Brás

Maria Neves Gonçalves

Paulo Sargento

Teresa Teixeira Lopo (Principal Investigator)


To learn more about the project click here

All the outputs of the project are made available in the multidisciplinary Open Access digital repository Zenodo. To access the RePeME Community click here

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