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Indicators report available on the RePeME Community of the Zenodo Repository

The Mapping of Statistical and Information Sources: Indicators Report compiles already existing indicators, but spread across different statistical and information sources.

The collection covers the period from 13 March 2020 to 5 May 2023, matching the chronological scope of the RePeME project which foresees the systematic collection of information for two time frames: 1) emergency/during the pandemic; 2) change/after the pandemic. The information is presented in a table, in four points: indicator, date (corresponding to the year), source of information with reference/link to the origin of the data and brief description of the result. Whenever necessary, supplementary information has been introduced in footnotes.

This report, which is a product of Task 1 of the project, area 2/State of the Art, was completed on June 23, 2023.

The Report is available on the RePeME Community of the multidisciplinary open access digital repository Zenodo.