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The Thought of Amílcar Cabral and Education



For Amílcar Cabral (1924-1973), education was the “first weapon” for freedom and the development of the potential and capacities of children, young people and adults, in order to put into practice dignified, fair and emancipatory life projects.

Education is an essential factor in the process of development and social transformation of the material living conditions of African societies, as a result of its impact on the economic, political, historical, cultural, ethno-linguistic and identity dimensions. In the academic and scientific communities of Portuguese-speaking African countries, there is a growing interest in the thought of Amílcar Cabral and his influence in the various fields of the social and human sciences that focus on the study of the various dimensions that influence the organisation, structuring and functioning of contemporary African societies. Similarly, in the global context, Amílcar Cabral is a recognised thinker and intellectual in academic institutions in different countries and continents.

At this time of deepening knowledge about Amílcar Cabral’s thought, the project The thought of Amílcar Cabral and Education: (re)discovering ideas, concepts and practices in the field of educational policies aims to contribute to the (re)discovery of Amílcar Cabral’s thought in the field of educational research, through an interdisciplinary approach that includes approaches from the History of Education, Sociology of Education and Education Sciences.


To contribute to a better understanding of the presence of Amílcar Cabral’s thought and his influence in the research that has been carried out in the field of education and development theories based on human capital, through the (re)discovery and (re)contextualisation of ideas, concepts and practices that can be reflected in Lusophone and global education policies.


25/05/2023 to 15/11/ 2024


Ângela Benoliel Coutinho (Consultant)

Arlinda Cabral

Julião Soares Sousa (Consultant)

Maria Neves Gonçalves

Teresa Teixeira Lopo


Pilot project. More information, soon.