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Research project RePeME awarded at the 3rd edition of the Contest Excellence in Research


The project And after the pandemic? Recovery, continuities and changes in basic education (ISCED 1) in Portugal (RePeME) achieved the 3rd place, and granted funding for the development of its activities, in the Contest Excellence in Research – Program FAZER + to Support Science and Innovation, with the jury highlighting its relevance, interdisciplinary character and scientific quality.

RePeME aims to contribute to the build-up of rigorous knowledge about the post-pandemic changes introduced in Portuguese schools of first cycle (the first four years of schooling – grades one to four) and the second cycle (the next two years – grades five and six) of basic education (ISCED 1).

The research will be developed around three main axes aiming at:

  1. to understand ways of apprehension – and strategies for mitigation – of school inequalities in a post-pandemic context;
  2. to identify opportunities for teachers’ professional development, as well as, the appropriate working conditions to ensure their well-being and mental health;
  3. to identify and analyze measures and actions implemented for the recovery and/or consolidation of learning, the monitoring of students and dropout prevention, and the evaluation of their learning outcomes.

As relevant innovation factors of the project, the following stand out: the development of a Barometer for data collection that allows regular monitoring, on a national scale, of the post-pandemic transformations in Portuguese primary schools, and its alignment towards the strengthening of cooperative and interdisciplinary work, backed up by the team’s skills in public policy, analysis and intervention in education, sociology of education, communication and technology, and health and psychology.

A team that will be strengthened with the participation of students from the Doctoral programs in Education and Communication Sciences, and which includes the researchers Ana António (ESEL-IPLUSO, CeiED-OP.Edu), Conceição Costa (Lusófona University, CICANT), Inês Vieira (Lusófona University, CeiED-OP. Edu), José Viegas Brás (Universidade Lusófona, ESEL-IPLUSO, CeiED), Maria Neves Gonçalves (ESEL-IPLUSO, CeiED), Paulo Sargento (ERISA-IPLUSO, CEAD, NICiTeS), Teresa Teixeira Lopo (Principal Investigator; CeiED-OP.Edu), and the consultants Daniel Bart (University of Lille, CIREL) and Filippo Pirone (University of Paris-Est Créteil, LIPHA).

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