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OP.Edu joins Science and Technology Week 2023

OP. Edu – the Observatory for Education and Training Policies opens its doors on 23 November to visitors who want to get in touch about its mission, activities and ongoing research projects.

This initiative is part of the Science and Technology Week 2023 programme, which aims to showcase national scientists, what they research and their contributions to the advancement of knowledge and the well-being of society.

OP.Edu is a joint creation of the Interdisciplinary Research Centre for Education and Development (CeiED) from Lusófona University and the Centre for Social Studies (CES) from the University of Coimbra. Its aim is to disseminate information and carry out studies and fundamental and applied research that can improve a better understanding of education and training policies and practices. It is located on the facilities of CeiED, at the Lisbon University Centre of the Lusófona University (Edifício U, Av. Marechal Craveiro Lopes 2A,1700-284 Lisboa).

Visits are subject to prior registration, until 22 November, using the following form: https://forms.gle/XqDJKRKEVrA9nQ4V6