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Workshop | Content Analysis using MAXQDA: Introduction


OP.Edu organised the Workshop Content Analysis using MAXQDA: Introduction for students of the PhD course in Education at the Lusófona University – University Centre of Lisbon. The Workshop, part of the 2022/2023 Workshops program of the Citizen Science Doctoral College – CeiED, took place on July 18, 2022 and was facilitated by the MAXQDA Professional Trainer and OP.Edu researcher Teresa Teixeira Lopo.

Objectives of the Workshop

This workshop aims to provide basic training in qualitative data analysis using MAXQDA. Particular emphasis will be given to content analysis as a technique capable of linking with computer tools to support the data analysis process. At the end of the workshop participants will be able to plan and perform content analysis operations with the most common types or sources of data, including press collections, legal diplomas and interviews, to calculate frequencies and to represent results graphically.


A. Linking the operations of content analysis with the operations of the MAXQDA software application.
  •  Content analysis: general assumptions, organisation/phases, key terms, references;
  • MAXQDA: characteristics and key terms.

B. Starting MAXQDA

  • Interface;
  • Windows, menus and layout.

C.  Data and coding

  • Project file creation;
  • Import of documents (Word and PDF texts);
  • Creating a code system;
  • Word search.

D.  Reporting of data

  • Export of a dictionary of categories and coded segments;
  • Export of annotations;
  • Frequency tables and charts.