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Colloquium School as a multifaceted space: acknowledging and including diversity | January 23, 2023 – ONLINE – 6:00 PM


The third colloquium of the Cycle April 25 50 Years: Looking into the Past, Thinking about the Future, will take place on January 23 at 6:00 PM (Portugal time), under the theme School as a multifaceted space: acknowledging and including diversity.

Inclusion is a broad and complex principle and, as such, it should be a subject for reflection and guidance for education policies and practices. Assuming this premise, the Observatory for Education and Training Policies (OP.Edu) invites researchers Alice Ribeiro (Head of the Inclusion Support Centre, University of Porto, Portugal), Cássia Sofiato (Department of Philosophy of Education and Education Sciences, Faculty of Education, University of São Paulo, Brazil) and researcher Joaquim Melro (Director of António Sérgio Training Centre and researcher at the University of Lisbon, Portugal), who will reflect and discuss in this online Colloquium open to the public, the epistemological, educational and cultural complexity that has shaped the principles and practices of inclusive education.

The Colloquium will also include the participation of Teresa Teixeira Lopo (OP.Edu-CeiED) in the Opening and Isabel Sanches (CeiED, ESEL-IPLUSO), who will be responsible for the Moderation of the debate.

The event, organized by OP.Edu with the collaboration of the School of Education of IPLUSO, will be held and broadcast online. Link: https://videoconf-colibri.zoom.us/j/98469945254

In partnership with the António Sérgio Training Centre, the Colloquium is certified for participants from Portugal as a Short Duration Training Action (ACD, under Order 5741/2015 of 29 May), for the purposes of career progression of early childhood educators, primary and secondary school teachers and special education teachers.

Those interested in obtaining this certification will need to register on this link: https://www.cfantoniosergio.edu.pt/